Marvin Rabe

My New Year's resolutions

I don’t need a New Year to change myself, but it is a good starting point for some personal challenges. This month I listed my life goals with the help of Gaël. I immediately began with changing some habits and got started working towards some goals. My new mission in life can be summarized as: get out of the comfort zone.

There is one thing I struggled with all the time. I always dreamed of creating my own blog.

This domain is two years old now and I had never published anything on this page. I created multiple layouts for this blog and I kept switching between English and German. Deciding for one language seemed so hard. Untill now I’m not so sure about the topics that I want to discuss here. I was stuck.

For next year I have decided to get out of my comfort zone in so many ways. Stop watching TV series, stop smoking completely, being more productive, etc. But the hardest change to make will be to blog at least once per week in English. Although I would find it much easier to write in German, I will write in English as I want to practice my writing skills.

In order to stick to this habit, I will force myself to donate 5,00€ as an incentive for missing a post that week. I post every donation on my Twitter feed.

I wish you all a happy New Year.